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The Barrington Community Pool is open each year from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.  The telephone number at the pool is (703) 690-7869. Each season, early closures occur for a number of community events. Early closures due to Barrington Blue Fins evening home swim meets and special events will be posted on the pool's community bulletin board and the Community Calendar as information becomes available. 

Membership in the Barrington Community Pool is limited to community residents. All members and Member Residences must agree to the pool rules prior to use of any of the Barrington Community Pool Facilities. Please review the 2024 Barrington Pool Rules for community residence requirements.


See below for this year's registration information.


While local public schools are in session:


Monday - Friday | 4pm - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday | 11am - 8pm


When local public schools conclude their regular school year, and until they return to full session:


Monday - Sunday | 11 am - 8 pm

The pool will close at 6 pm on July 4 and Labor Day.

The Pool Company and guards may begin clearing and cleaning unused tables, chairs, and equipment a few hours prior to closure during this last weekend.


The Barrington Blue Fins Swim Team is a summer swim program offering great coaching, fun social events, and a full season of swim meets for swimmers in the Barrington community. The team is devoted to providing a positive and memorable experience for the swimmers and their families. In addition to teaching proper swimming skills, we aim to develop good sportsmanship, team spirit, self-discipline, friendship, respect and healthy minds/bodies. It is a family activity that helps create a connection to other families in the Barrington community. 

No experience is required to be a Barrington Blue Fin.  For safety reasons, kids must be comfortable in the water and excited to swim unassisted on their own across the pool.  Criteria coaches use include: can a child swim across the pool, float on their back, and tread water?  The coaching staff will be making these assessments the first two weeks of practice.  


All Barrington residents are eligible for pool membership as long as the household is in good standing with the Barrington HOA (up-to-date on HOA fees). 

Process to Register: 


Once your registration is received, it will be processed by the Barrington Pool Committee. After it is processed into the system, you will receive an electronic pass through email that can be loaded into the wallet option available for your phone. This epass will be scanned each time you come to the pool and confirmed by the guard on duty at the sign-in desk. 

More to Note:

  • If you are a member of the pool that would prefer a physical pass to use throughout the summer, please enter that request in the "Is there anything else we need to know about your application?" box at the bottom of the application or email the Pool Committee at

  • If you are the parent of a child that is between the ages of 10-17, please complete the Barrington Parent Pool Consent form for your child and return it to the Pool Committee at

  • If you would like to receive text messages regarding pool closures, monthly meetings, special events and other happenings in the neighborhood, please enter that request at the bottom of the application or email the Pool Committee at  Please note, you may have more than one phone number to receive text messages.


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