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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Rick Fleitas

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that relies on concerned citizens in communities throughout the United States to learn how to properly and successfully watch out for their communities and their neighbors' property, thereby reducing criminal activity.


Our Barrington community has had an active Neighborhood Watch program since our neighborhood was created because our residents care about the safety and security of our community. Our Neighborhood Watch program is run in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Office of the West Springfield Station of the Fairfax County Police Department.


  • Aid police departments in reducing residential burglary, thefts of property, vandalism, traffic-related offenses, and other criminal activities.

  • Educate citizens on crime prevention techniques which improve ability to remove and reduce opportunities for criminals to act.

  • Alert criminals that residents are concerned about crime and will call when suspicious activities are observed.

  • Enhance reporting of suspicious activity in communities, thereby reducing the number of crimes committed.

  • Encourage residents to interact with each other, thereby increasing awareness of which community activities are routine and which are suspicious.


You can be a great help to our community by reporting suspicious or criminal activities that you may witness through passive observation or window watching. There are many avenues in Fairfax County for reporting suspicious or criminal activities. They are all useful tools for protecting our community from future nuisance or criminal activity. The police have set up these avenues to allow citizens to record and report information that can help them more successfully protect our communities. The numbers and websites are as follows:


Call 911 Immediately

To report a crime in progress and/or a life-threatening situation when a police officer and/or other emergency service is needed.


Call 703-691-2131

To report a crime that has already taken place, or a suspicious person or activity, use this non-emergency reporting number for the Fairfax County Police Department. Use this method if you want to speak with or see a police officer.


Call 703-922-7938 or go to Fairfax County Policy Emergency Site

To report a crime that has already taken place, or a suspicious person or activity, call this automated reporting line or use this link to file a non-emergency police report with the Fairfax County Police Department. Use this method if you do not need to speak with or see a police officer.


Go to Fairfax County Traffic Safety Site

To report aggressive driving or an unbuckled child, file an online report. The form is simple: you report the license plate number, the date you witnessed the incident, and a few other details. The owners of the vehicle will receive an informational letter asking them to obey Virginia's safety laws.

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